Is your home passive?

9 07 2009

With increasing energy consumption and its cost, it has become important to do some radical changes in our lifestyle. Passive home is one such concept that has come up in European countries like Sweden, Germany, Austria.

Some interesting ideas behind a passive home are:

1. To keep the house tightly insulated. Hence, using wood over concrete as main building material, which is a better insulator. Also, using very thick insulation like 40 cm thick walls and 30 cm thick floors, 50 cm thick roofs.

2. To trap and reuse the heat generated by house inhabitants and appliances. Heat exchange system in a  passive home keeps it properly ventilated and warms the incoming air with trapped heat.

Results: 90% less energy costs as a compared normal houses.

Swedish Government is constructing buildings based on this concept and trying to commercialize it, so that the cost of construction can be made competitive. Also, scientists have come up with viable plans to convert an existing home to passive home.

Since internally generated heat is an important element in keeping passive homes warm, they say it is important that the inhabitants are active in a passive home 🙂

Do watch this CNN video to get some idea about passive home technology.


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