Windows mobile device platform not found

1 03 2009

If you are trying to load a windows smart device project set to .Net CF v3.5 in Visual Studio 2005, you might get this error message:

the project could not be opened because it refers to a device plaform that does not exist in your datastore

The reason being VS 2005 cannot work with .NET CF v3.5.

The workaround is to set project file’s .NET CF target framework to v2.0. i.e.




A revelation: C# doesn’t allow default parameters

11 01 2009

Wondering why?

Check out:

Quoting their reasons below:

1. The first one is that the correlation between the code that the user writes and the code the compiler generates is less obvious. We generally try to limit magic when possible, as it makes it harder for programmers.

2. The second issue has to do with things like XML doc comments and intellisense. The compiler would have to have special rules for how it generates doc comments for the overloaded methods, and intellisense would need to have smarts to collapse the overloaded methods into a single method.

The first reason kind of makes sense. Allowing default parameters is like forcing the programmer to know about default parameters before using them. Although, default parameters can make your program look magical(!) (initializing something without doing anything), it makes it harder to read.

It sucks if you are used to default parameters.

Check out this link for more How To’s or FAQs in C#.




Cool Tool – Photosounder

6 01 2009

Check out this tool : photosounder. It converts image into sound & vice versa.   Immediate question that would come to your mind is why would you wanna do that?

Well, there are many things you can actually do with this.

1. Converting image to sound could be an unconventional form of encryption.

2. You can draw music on screen. Of course, complicated the music gets, difficult (or impossible?) it will become to actually draw it. But nonetheless, you can create simple beats this way. check out various sounds made using this tool on (There is a small jukebox player on the right side.)

I found it interesting because I haven’t seen anything like this before, so there is that WOW factor.

Lemme know if you think of any cool application of this tool..