Subversion Lock is based on both working copy and user

2 05 2009

Scenario: User ‘sankalp’ locks a file in his working copy and tries to commit some changes to the locked file from another working copy that was checked out under same username.

Result: Commit would fail, because the later working copy doesn’t get the file lock, only the first one does.

I stumbled upon this while locking a file via URL path, using FinalBuilder Subversion file lock (Actually ‘Subversion Generic‘ action). Although the lock is successful and can be seen from repository browser client, the working copy didn’t reflect it. So I had to lock the file based on its working copy path, and not based on its URL path. This made me realize that locks are specific to working copies, apart from being exclusive to users.

Also, if somehow you delete the working copy that had locked a file and cannot restore it back, the only way out seems to be breaking a lock on that particular file. Or is there any other way out?




Windows mobile device platform not found

1 03 2009

If you are trying to load a windows smart device project set to .Net CF v3.5 in Visual Studio 2005, you might get this error message:

the project could not be opened because it refers to a device plaform that does not exist in your datastore

The reason being VS 2005 cannot work with .NET CF v3.5.

The workaround is to set project file’s .NET CF target framework to v2.0. i.e.




Remote install of DVD/CDs without any hassles

24 02 2009

This is a really simple but useful trick. If you have access to a remote machine via Remote Desktop Connection. But you are wondering how to run CD/DVD setups without having to create ISO images or virtual drives on remote machines and considering that you don’t have physical access to the remote machine, do the following:

  1. Share your local CD/DVD drive over the network.
    Right Click on CD/DVD Drive icon, go to Properties > Sharing and share the drive on network. Allow only one remote access.
  2. Map local CD/DVD drive to remote machine.
    In Windows Explorer, go to Tools > Map Network Drive. Enter network location of your local drive as \\local_machine_ip\shared_drive_name .
  3. Installation
    Insert installation DVD/CD in local drive & installation window will appear on remote machine.

I have tried installing Visual Studio 2005, and Crystal Reports this way, and it worked just fine.

Good Luck!

Dell wireless connection with LinkSys routers

25 12 2008

Whenever I try to connect to a LinkSys wireless router from my dell laptop, I cannot even see the list of connected networks.


1. Enable WZC (Wireless Zero Configuration, that provides automatic configuration to wireless adapters) service.

Go to system services (control panel -> administrative tools -> services). Go to Wireless Zero Configuration Service & start it. Also, select automatic start-up type.

2. Let Windows configure the wireless settings.

Go to wireless Connection Properties and check ‘use windows to configure my wireless network setting’ . Now click on ‘Wireless Networks’. You will immediately see available network connections around..