Remote install of DVD/CDs without any hassles

24 02 2009

This is a really simple but useful trick. If you have access to a remote machine via Remote Desktop Connection. But you are wondering how to run CD/DVD setups without having to create ISO images or virtual drives on remote machines and considering that you don’t have physical access to the remote machine, do the following:

  1. Share your local CD/DVD drive over the network.
    Right Click on CD/DVD Drive icon, go to Properties > Sharing and share the drive on network. Allow only one remote access.
  2. Map local CD/DVD drive to remote machine.
    In Windows Explorer, go to Tools > Map Network Drive. Enter network location of your local drive as \\local_machine_ip\shared_drive_name .
  3. Installation
    Insert installation DVD/CD in local drive & installation window will appear on remote machine.

I have tried installing Visual Studio 2005, and Crystal Reports this way, and it worked just fine.

Good Luck!




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