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11 09 2008

Ever thought something out-of-the-box and wondered whether that is possible or not?

Well, I am sure that happens with everybody. I guess thinking out-of-the-box is something peculiar to mankind.

Here’s a thought: Why don’t we have sensors in parking lots that could tell us the location of a free parking spot, if available. Imagine how much time & fuel (this one is very important now a days) we could save if we didn’t have to make endless rounds of parking lot just to find out that it was full.

Future Parking Lots

On googling a bit, I found some serious research going on in this field at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Also, I found a very interesting site that allows its users to publish such ideas & to vote on present ideas. Here is the link.

Actually, I was not expecting to find any site like this, so it was a pleasant surprise for me too.








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12 09 2008
Siddhesh Ayre

Last year sidscope and I had gone for Elekrama, an exhibition which is held every 2 years in mumbai/delhi. It was mainly consisting of demos of various products by big comapnies. It also had a 25K competition for college projects. There was just a single entry from VJTI. They had done a similar project with the same screenshot.

12 09 2008
Sankalp Vinod Shere

I guess the only reason there is no such system existing is because there is no cost-effective model out yet.
about the image: its the first hit you will get if you google for ‘future parking’ 🙂

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