Particle Accelerator & UTA

10 09 2008

Large Hardon Collider

My university – University of Texas at Arlington, is a part of the much talked physics experiment – Large Hardon Collider, happening at CERN, Switzerland.  Here is a news article about it. This experiment is supposed to biggest particle physics experiment by far. Its purpose is to validate & explore current theoretical claims about particle physics. Here’s the list of questions that might be answered with this experiment.

University’s physics department was actively involved in building the particle detector – ATLAS. Now, the department is instrumental in building PanDA – the software for managing the computer grid that will handle enormous amount of data  generated by particle detectors. These Experiments are believed to generate 1 petabyte (10^15 bytes) of data in the first year.

The experiment kicked off today – September 10, 2009. You might have noticed the Google Doodle for the same.

First results of these experiments are expected to come out by late 2009 or early 2010. As I write this blog, experiments have already started successfully.










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