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7 09 2009

Switching to blogger, thanks to this tool. My new tech blog address is: http://tek-that.blogspot.com/


Is your home passive?

9 07 2009

With increasing energy consumption and its cost, it has become important to do some radical changes in our lifestyle. Passive home is one such concept that has come up in European countries like Sweden, Germany, Austria.

Some interesting ideas behind a passive home are:

1. To keep the house tightly insulated. Hence, using wood over concrete as main building material, which is a better insulator. Also, using very thick insulation like 40 cm thick walls and 30 cm thick floors, 50 cm thick roofs.

2. To trap and reuse the heat generated by house inhabitants and appliances. Heat exchange system in a  passive home keeps it properly ventilated and warms the incoming air with trapped heat.

Results: 90% less energy costs as a compared normal houses.

Swedish Government is constructing buildings based on this concept and trying to commercialize it, so that the cost of construction can be made competitive. Also, scientists have come up with viable plans to convert an existing home to passive home.

Since internally generated heat is an important element in keeping passive homes warm, they say it is important that the inhabitants are active in a passive home 🙂

Do watch this CNN video to get some idea about passive home technology.


1. Image: http://www.yourhome.gov.au/technical/fs45.html

2. Link to Video: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/tech/2009/07/09/gg.boulden.sweden.passive.houses.cnn

3. http://www.energysavers.gov/your_home/designing_remodeling/index.cfm/mytopic=10250

PS:  I don’t like WordPress for not letting me embed external scripts in a post. I really want to move out from WordPress to Blogger. Any suggestions that would enable painless and seamless migration?

Segmentation fault :)

3 07 2009

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To go or not to go

2 07 2009

With tragic death of Michael Jackson, fans who bought tickets to his upcoming concerts are facing a dilemma. Whether to ask for refund or to keep the ticket as a valuable souvenir. This is an intersting problem. If too many people ask for refund, the ticket would actually become rare, incereasing its ‘collector value’. Whereas, if everybody keeps the ticket as a souvenir, it would be a worthless piece of paper.  This article talks more about this puzzling problem. The problem is roughly similar to El Farol Bar problem.

Keeping the Math aside, I think an ardent MJ fan would go to the concert and keep the ticket as a souvenir.


1. http://timesonline.typepad.com/science/2009/07/will-your-michael-jackson-tickets-be-worth-more-than-a-refund.html

2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minority_game

Subversion Lock is based on both working copy and user

2 05 2009

Scenario: User ‘sankalp’ locks a file in his working copy and tries to commit some changes to the locked file from another working copy that was checked out under same username.

Result: Commit would fail, because the later working copy doesn’t get the file lock, only the first one does.

I stumbled upon this while locking a file via URL path, using FinalBuilder Subversion file lock (Actually ‘Subversion Generic‘ action). Although the lock is successful and can be seen from repository browser client, the working copy didn’t reflect it. So I had to lock the file based on its working copy path, and not based on its URL path. This made me realize that locks are specific to working copies, apart from being exclusive to users.

Also, if somehow you delete the working copy that had locked a file and cannot restore it back, the only way out seems to be breaking a lock on that particular file. Or is there any other way out?


1. http://groups.google.com/group/tortoisesvn/browse_thread/thread/dbf3269ae304761d
2. http://tortoisesvn.net/docs/release/TortoiseSVN_en/tsvn-dug-locking.html

Looking for free online private subversion repositories

26 04 2009

Any suggestions???

Found this article on StackOverflow. But it doesn’t show any clear winner for free, private or personal and online subversion repositories.

So your suggestions are most welcome…

PS: I think I found one: http://beanstalkapp.com/ . They provide 100MB storage and one repository that can be accessed maximum 3 users. Cost none.. Not bad huh?

Combining paths in .Net

5 04 2009

Whenever you are combining paths using Path.Combine(path1, path2), watch out for a subtle but deadly pitfall.

path1 should not have a front slash at the end and path2 should not have a front slash in the beginning. Things get really bad otherwise. I have realized this after wasting 5-6 hours of precious weekend sleep. I can’t help cussing myself, because I have a feeling that I had made this mistake before. @#$@#!$@#$%@#!@#@!$. 🙂

string path1 = "c:\\tempdir";
string path2 = "subdir\\";
path3=Path.Combine(path1, path2)
/*path3 = c:\\tempdir\\subdir\\*/


string path1 = "c:\\tempdir";
string path2 = "\\subdir\\";
path3=Path.Combine(path1, path2)
/*path3 = \\subdir\\*/

In my defense, I strongly feel that the library function should have taken care of this subtle variation. (Blame .Net 🙂 )

Anyways, find more information about this function here.